I am an engineer trying to sort out a machine which has a 13" monitor gone faulty. The aperture is only 13" but I have a 15" flat screen monitor that fits a treat , however I cannot see the outer edge and cannot reduce the size using the monitor controls. Is there a command that I can use to reduce the actual display output to the screen so it becomes 13" again. Can I put it into the computer in such a way that it remembers the next time I switch it on.Thanks in advance. You can always email me at Dave

what qnx version are you talking about here? you can use “phgrafx” to change the monitor resolution setting if you are talking about qnx 6.x.x.

Dear Matthew, I use QNX2 & QNX4.

Dear Mathew could you give me a one line example for me to try please and I assume I would just type this in on anther console. Regards Dave

what version of QNX software are you running? the command has a UI if you are running photon (windows environment).

The only solution I believe is with the monitor hardware, assuming it has controls to adjust the view port. Most CRT monitors have this capability. I’ll elaborate why I think this is so.

If you are using QNX 2 there are two CRT modes you might be using. Text mode and QNX Windows.
Neither has a way to do what you want in software.

QNX 4 has three such modes, text, QNX Windows or Photon. There’s a way to do it in Photon but if that were the way, it would already be done.

Hi Guys, Thanks for trying to help. The LCD has only full screen option I am afraid to say ,unless I spend £400 for a new one I will continue with it standing on top of the cabinet. I just remember playing DOOM on my PC in the old days and you could adjust the screen size with a function key , and I hoped it would be easy in QNX2 or QNX4 like saying ‘console = 240x640’ or some such command as this. Ah well if its not possible, so be it.Thanks Guys.regards Dave

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