The end of

Dear QNX Community,

It is becoming clear to me that unless the webmaster of this site does something to stop the onslaught of spam, this side will soon become irrelevant. That would be a sad shame. I do not look forward to this, but if that is what will be, I would like to think ahead in time.

I probably have enough knowledge to setup a new site. It would be a lot of work, and pointless if I don’t get customers. Would any of you be willing to support me in this endeavor. I’m mostly looking for raised hands, I don’t have my hand out.



Anyone know who owns the site?

All we really need is for one or two regulars to be made into moderators able to delete the spam. I’d be more than happy to volunteer for that kind of duty as I do that on other sites now.


I was going to post a similar comment about openqnx being dead. I’d prefer to save it rather than try and rebuild the community. But obviously, if we can’t save it then it would be nice to have somewhere new to go.

-James Ingraham
Sage Automation, Inc.

I’ve written to webmaster twice though the submit article interface. Either he/she is on vacation or otl.
I agree, I’d rather try to save it. I forgot or didn’t know about the moderator idea. That would work too, but we need some attention from the sysop. In writing the post I was hoping to get some attention.

Hey it looks like I was wrong, the system seems cleaned up now, THANK YOU SYSOP!!!