File names longer than 48 characters

Hi guys.

I was reading the option of the dinit utility like someone recommended me
here in the forum, I create a .longfilenames in the / , but no luck.

When I install for firts time ( 6.2.1 ), the dinit seems to be an old vesion and does not support the -N to support long file names, so I have to complete the installation and dinit seems to be upgraded, but the -N option deletes all the disk, and I have to reinstall everythig back again but no changes ( aparently ), where made to the disk.

When I type mount I can see that the type of the filesystem is qnx4, is that ok?

How can I overcome this behavior?, which is the procedure that I should follow.


Did you set the appropiate mode on the /.longfilenames file?
You should be able to search this forum for it
chmod …
chown …

Yes, read only.

Check the FAQ section. This has been documented there for a long time.