Issue with shelf

I have an issue with the shelf utility. As all know, when shelf process is created successfully, a launch menu will be shown at the right side of the photon. The problem i faced is , when i pressed the “Windows” key from keyboard just after the log in screen , the shelf utility has got killed .I have examined the slogger log, which shows that thread 2 of shelf process exited due to Signal number 2(SIGSEGV). This problem does not exist if i pressed the “Windows” key after showing the launch menu at the right side of the photon.

I would like to know why the shelf utility exited abnormally during the above mentioned scenario.

What version of QNX are you using. I vaguely remember problem like this being fixed in 6.5.0.

I’m using QNX 6.5.0 itself

I guess you should contact QNX to report the bug then. But signal number 2 is NOT a SIGSEGV but a SIGINT, very different.