nfm-nraw usage


I learned in io-net, nraw can be used to send raw packets. I am using QNX6.3.2. But I didnt find any documents for usage of nraw.Can I get any documentation for usage of nraw? And also sample code?
Please some one help me to proceed.

And where can i get Is it available to download from some where? Can any one provide me
Or please let me know how can I get

Documentation I don’t beleive. If you find the source to tcpdump that will probably be your only documentation. Sorry don’t know where to find

HI, Thanks for reply.
How tcpdump can be helpfull to me? I understand tcpdump is to capture and hence only to receive raw packtes we may get some
information from tcpdump. My objective is to send packets. I have mounted in QNX6.3.2. Can I get any help usage of “nraw”?