Startup and IPL


I’m currently working on an embedded task using QNX.

My current problem is with customising the system startup, while customisation of IPL code and the startup program is included in the QNX documentationI cannot for the life of me find how to do so within the momentics IDE.

Insofar as I can tell the IPL is of little interest for my pruposes, being the very basic initialisation, while the startup program is of more importance, being the main point of initialisation options and start of new processes (in this case to be our custom code).

At this point I’d like to know whether I’m missing something completely, or whether the documentation is just not very helpful in this case?
Further to this I’d like some tips as to how to access and modify the startup program such that I can remove the need for login/automate (no need for embedded case), modify RS232 initialisation to operate in edited mode and start our code?

Thanks for any help,

Use the system builder to create the .ifs and the startup procedure. You have total control how this is done, you can even bring back autoexec.bat if you want, lol!

The startup code is not what you want. Startup code usually does some kernel inititalization, such as tell the kernel how to deal with the interrupt controller and where to get its timer tick from.

But as you mention your own processes, or no need for login, this is pretty straightforward. As Mario says, you can either use the System Builder, or you can use a text-based build file. Both contain the possibility to supply a boot script.

In the boot script, you start the drivers relevant for your hardware and your applications.