support for server push in slinger webserver

Hello Everyone,

Is there some way that the slinger webserver can push data to the web browser?
My requirement is that I make a request from my client application to a service that is running on the target & gets
back the response from the service.
The client is a thin client in the form of html pages running from the web browser on the PC. The webserver is slinger.

Once the response is available from the service is it possible for the slinger webserver to push this response to the
web browser on the PC?
Currently we are using a pull mechanism. We use javascript for this. We have a timer which expires every 2 seconds.
When the timer expires we do a GET from the thin client that pulls the response.

The preferred mechanism is a push so that the slinger webserver pushes the response to the web browser whenever it is
If slinger does not already support this is there some alternative mechanism?

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance.


I’ve done a lot of web work, and I’ve never heard of a server pushing to a browser the way you describe here.

The problem is not the server, although it would be a little awkward to tie up a server thread waiting for some event before pushing to the browser. The problem is that the browser will time out.

The method you mention using Javascript and polling, possibly with an Ajax object is the obvious way (to me) to do things.
An alternative would be to use Flash or Java to setup a connection with a process other than the web server to push the data.