Install QNX 6.5 from USB-Stick

Now that there are no answers to my question … =7&t=11567 (except a really stupid one from somebody who did not understand the question) I’ll switch over to plan B and will try to install QNX natively on my netbook.

Unfortunately it does not have a CD-ROM-drive, so the ISO-Image from QNX is useless.

Therefore my question: is there a possibility to create a bootable USB-Stick out of that ISO-Image and to install QNX successfully using that stick?


I’ve successfully installed 6.3 from a USB Cd-Rom. So you can always go purchase a USB Cd-Rom to install the ISO image.

I realize that doesn’t answer your question but it does provide a workaround if you don’t want to wait for an answer or undertake the effort to build a bootable USB-stick.


Yes it is possible to create a bootable stick that boots QNX 6.5.

Is it possible to create this stick using the installation disk? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so.
I think you will need an intermediary machine, probably with a hard drive, that you can install onto
first, so that you can make a custom boot file.

Of course your target will need BIOS support to boot off of the stick but that is quite common today.

Hm, that’s a pity, I wanted to use the free disk space I already have on that notebook. There QNX is really a bit limited…

Prepare the USB stick and and copy the iso-file onto it.

I think that depends on what he wants. If he wants an ISO stick that can be plugged in and run the way the installation disk works, install QNX or run from disk, then yes.

On the other hand if he wants a bootable disk that he can configure for his purposes, either as development or as a target, I don’t your idea will work very well.

QNX is not for script kiddies :smiley: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Epic fail: I tried to install to a SD-card directly to use it within the machine that does not own a CD-ROM drive later but that fails.

During installation set up QNX detects the SD-card, partitions it correctly and creates a QNX partition. But right before the installation starts the installer breaks up with an error message the SD card could not be mounted.

Meanwhile CD-ROM drives are as least as rare as native serial ports, somebody should QSS tell about that…