1G 4 Port NIC Support

The QNX PC version 6.3.2 I have, has a slot that supports only 1g NIC to install. To run test suit we need a 5 port QNX PC. We have mounted 4 port 1G NIC. On mounting system is not booting ( Actually nothing is diplayed on my monitor).
Can any one help me. What could be the problem. Doest QNX has hardware support to use 1g 4 port NIC? Do any drivers need to be installed?

First on the booting issue:
Can you boot QNX without the card?
When you see nothing on the screen, do you see the BIOS messages? If not, it sounds like a hardware problem.

QNX does support many NIC’s. You might want to check out their hardware database at qnx.com. If a NIC has 4 ports, it usually appears as 4 separate PCI devices, and all the drivers I’ve run into will automatically find and support all of them. Normally you can view the devices using the “pci” command. Of course, that won’t be possible until you can boot.