GUI Application problem in image file

I am developing GUI application.In my application(parent process), i am invoking the child processes (i.e through spawnl()) .when i run the application in the QNX 6.3 Os terminal it is(parent process with GUI application ) executing fine .
I included these processes(parent and child process ) objective files in build file, and the build file is converted to image file(.ifs) . The image file is ported on target .

But when the image file runs on the target , GUI application is not running. I think i am getting error in parent process. This type of errors are not getting when i run in OS .

so please can anyone help me …

I’d suggest trying to start the programs in a startup script instead of in the boot file itself, at least until the system is debugged.

If you are using a console, you can bracket the spawn with printf’s and show the return and errno from spawn(). Chances are you are missing a dll.