Running two GUI simultaeously

Dear all,

      Hi I have a small problem in QNX ,I have developed two GUI screens(one application and other Simulator),when i press any button in Simulator it gets updated in shared memory it is then read by actual application and output is shown on the applicaion GUI Screen.
     But when i run both simultaneously, these two applications are appearing one after other on the screen so fastly so that i am not able to do any manipulatons.

   Please suggest solution for my problem

I don’t understand your problem. You have two GUI programs with windows? Do they each cover the entire screen? What you mean they appear fast? Are you seeing flashing?

Usually if you are running to GUI programs, each will start and wait for input. They may overlap each other or completely cover. The covered window will be invisible.

Thank you for responding,

     In my application there are 2 GUI Screens which cover the entire Screen, one of them is Simulator and other is actual Application.

      Application runs interfaced with the hardware, but we are simulating those hardware signals using another Simulator GUI screen for testing the Application, Inputs to Application are given through the Simulator GUI.

     My problem is that when i run both the programs the two GUI screens are flashing on the screen rapidly and then system is getting hanged.
    Please suggest solution for my problem

Again, there is something that does not make sense. If both windows each cover the entire screen, then you can only see one of them at a time.

But you say both are flashing, so obviously you can see both of them. How can that be.
The only way I can think of that this could occur is that each program is telling Photon to put itself in front. If two windows were both trying to do this at the same time, one might see the kind of flashing you are describing. If that is the problem then the solution is easy. Disable the code that forces each window to the front.