networking problem with QNX 6.2.1

commands and their outputs from trying to setup networking on qnx option F2: run from CD:

io-net -d rtl -p tcpip
unable to init dll devn-rtl: No Such Device

nicinfo: could not open: /dev/io-net/en0, (No such file or device)

contents of /dev/io-net/: ip0, ip_en, ipv6_en

Im not sure how to proceed, but any hints you have will be greatly appreciated.

this is a rtl 8139 network card and I’ll remind you one more time that this is the “run from the CD option” I have not installed QNX on my machine yet, (and probably wont till I figure out how to fix this)

might help to also know that its the boot cd for qnx 6.2.1

As was mentioned on irc, the 6.2.0 release of the rtl driver had a problem. I also know this is fixed in the 6.2.1. The problem with the 6.2.1. release is that it is really a patch to a 6.2.0 release. This means you boot 6.2.0, then upgrade to 6.2.1. There is no issue with this when installing, because when you are finished, you are running 6.2.1 and it works.

Your problem is you want to just boot off cd and have this work. You might get it working if you can get a copy of the latest/current rtl driver. I would say it is not worth the effort if you are planning to install QNX anyway. Given the normal install process takes less than 15 minutes, you have already spent more effort than it is worth. ;)