post install issues

I installed QNX 6.2.1 on a 866Mhz P!!!, 32MB Ram NVidia TNT2, 256MB RAM computer on a 2 GB partition.

I have the foll. queries:

  1. Can I create new users? i.e it is possible to create users other than root?
  2. Immediately after logging in for the first time, the installer prompted me to install some programs. I cancelled it. I would like to install programs from the install CD. I can install programs from applications CD though
  3. where is the CD ROm mounted? I did a mount /dev/cd0. is this correct?

Thanks in advance


You need to complete de install, from photon run the installer and insert the CD, it will upgrde lots of things and installs others packages for development, gcc utils, make, libraries, dll etc.

Yes, you can create new users, but as long as I remember, there is no tool for doing that, you need to edit by hand the /etc/passwd file.


Actually if you do this:


it will take you through the user creation process. Not a gui interface but works fine for most situations.

For the CD thing, it should automout, and is available in /fs.