BBX and QNX!?

Any hints if BBX will replace QNX?
Will that drive QNX OS future releases to BB only OS, or we will keep having the best Real-TIme OS on the market?
I mean for the rest of us, using QNX for industrial control, medical applications, military …!!!
For reference : … ystem.html

Great question. Of course, it could be a good thing. One would think that QNX / QSSL / RIM would be trying to reassure their traditional customers. Maybe they are with their big accounts; I haven’t been called by a sales guy in 5 years anyway. Ome easy and obvious question: can I really download Momentics for Windows for free? The “NDK” is suspiciously short of license information.

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I don’t think RIM is going to survive as a company much longer (as in 2-3 years tops).

So the real question is what is going to happen to the QNX asset when RIM gets acquired by another company in the phone/tablet space as Motorola was by Google. Will they keep it or simply spin it off back into it’s own company.

The answer will probably be clear once the buyer is known (someone like Google/Microsoft with their own O/S will have little need for QNX).


RIM owns a lot of patents related to cell phone industry, and that makes it desirable attractive for acquiring by BIG SHARKS.
Unfortunately in such a case as Tim said these sharks do not need competitive OS, just like the case with Nokia!!

In order to know if BBX will replace QNX, you first have to know what BBX is.
Unfortunately, even though I attended the SF Playbook conference, and even though I now own a Playbook, I still don’t know what BBX is.

But here’s my guess. Down below the Playbook somewhere is QNX. But applications on the Playbook seem to be a type of package. You build it, create it, and send it to the Playbook. But the Playbook let’s the user decide things, like does your application get to use the camera or not. The user gets to uninstall it whenever they want.

So I think that BBX is just a control layer above QNX. And therefore, in now way can or will it replace QNX.

As to the fate of QNX should RIM die, I think it is likely that it would continue to have a life beyond, but those who remember the fate of the Watcom compiler my have reason to worry. Watcom was bought out by a bigger fish and shortly thereafter the compiler staff was shown the door.

Did you get the playbook because it’s QNX inside or do you actually chose it out of merrit. I myself got a tablet and did lot of research and the Playbook was always at the bottom of the list. I’m curious why you grab one ;-)

I got it because it was QNX and $99 and I was curioius. I haven’t looked too close yet, but a QNX tablet that I can load programs to is of interest to me.

I went to BestBuy the next day when Playbook was exposed with my clear intention to by one for me.
I was very disappointed, comparing it with iPad. It was not working and store associates were clueless.
The device was exposed at the least visible place in the store. After couple of re-powering attempts it started working, but was not impressed at all.
My whole enthusiasm vanished, and I started thinking this was bad move marrying QNX and RIM.
Yes I remember Watcom compiler( debugger as well ) used in QNX4, and that was one of the things I stared loving QNX Development.

99$ !?!?!?!?!

Here in Canada it’s 500$, its the most expensive tablet for the hardware you get.

I think the market they are hoping for is a business market, which is less sensitive to price. Their seems to be a lot of hardware inside. 2 cameras, a dual core processor, a GPS, wireless. The only thing it doesn’t have is a phone, which is by design.

I still think they are in big trouble. If they had some super ap that only their hardware could handle, they might have a chance.

Got more hardware (and software) for 100$ less. I don’t understand RIM’s strategy but understanding these things is definitely not my cup of tea.

Oh the model with WiMax or HSPA+ support was suppose to come out this summer and is still not available.

As far as QNX having values and being picked up but some other player, the only thing I would be worry about is if Intel buys RIM ;-) But who knows, maybe Dan Dodge made sure QNX would survive any buyout.

Still HP payed 1.2Billion for WebOS ( and Palm ) and trashed the whole think 1.5 years later! Makes you wonder.

This make a lot more sense to me then the Playbook: … ed+Text+Ad

The only chance QNX to survive in this market is to turn it into Android friendly OS, providing its robustness to the high level applications written in Java.
Time is ticking!!! Probably that is what BBX is targeted to become. I wish to QSSL guys full success and hope they will go through these tough times.
O QNX(Canada), we stand on guard for thee!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd? The OS is???

It’s Android based

Not sure what you imply by “Annnnnnnnnnnd” ? ;-)

Well given that it’s from Cisco, there was a reason to suspect that they might be using QNX, which would have been very exciting, at least to me.
Whether it was or not, you didn’t say, which is why I said annnnnnnnnd?

Where did you find one for $99?

You should be able to load your own programs on soon, I beleive the NDK was announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference a few weeks ago.


There was a Rim/Blackberry conference in San Francisco. To just see the exhibits (and eat lunch) it was $99. But you got a Playbook.

Of course BBX will not replace QNX. RIM just noticed that it’s a bit stupid to have the “BlackBerry Tablet OS” (which is QNX plus RIM-specific extensions) on their future phones. That’s why they searched for a new name. They couldn’t use QNX, because RIM’s platform is QNX plus some stuff that’s only available for RIM (and some parts may become part of standard QNX in the future). So they decided for “BBX” - short for BlackBerry on QNX.

No, you can download the NDK, not Momentics. Although there are similarities, there are also big differences. The most important one is a legal one: The NDK is only for developing BBX applications. Using it for anything else, especially non-BlackBerry, but QNX-specific commercial deployment, would be illegal.