How to install EFS file to Compact Flash ?

Hi every ones,

I have to install QNX on a Compact Flash, so I have built an EFS file by QNX 6.3.2 IDE.

Now, How can I copy it to Compact Flash ?

Can I use IDE to burn this EFS image to the Compact Flash directly ?


Do you mean a CF card or actual Compact Flash?


Dir mr Tim,

I have a Compact Flash 128Mb disk (Sandisk - may be), and I want install QNX OS to it.

I have built an EFS file successfully, its size is about 60Mb. How can I do then ?


128 Mb is a very small CF disk. I didn’t even know they made them under 1 Gig these days.

Second, your 60 Mb EFS file is huge. I’ve never heard of one that big before. I am not sure if it will even work. What exactly is in your 60 Mb EFS file? Are you trying to put the entire QNX Operating system + Photon etc in the EFS? Normally when working with a CF disk, the EFS file is only 1 Mb in size and you format the CF card for a QNX file system and then install/copy all the QNX files you need to the QNX file system.

Is the CF card in the same machine as where your QNX IDE is installed? Or is it in another machine?


CF card behave like a hardisk, so an EFS does not really apply here.

Typicaly you would use an existing QNX6 system, the connect the CF card to it and format it just like you would a HD, then copy the files over it.

Thanks for your replies,

Oops, I have used QNX IDE to build an EFS, and I have combined every things in \bin :smiley: :frowning:(

So, according to Mario, the solution to install QNX 6 to a CF card is simple that:

  • Format CF card in QNX system, then
  • Copy some files to it

Isn’t it ?

What about in QNX 4 system?


Yes, you understand exactly what Mario and I wrote.

QNX 4 should work the same way. A CF Disk will appear as nothing more than a hard drive in the BIOS and so QNX 4 should be able to install to it as long as it report as a HD in the BIOS.