C# compare to Java

It was believed that C++ and to a lesser level Java, C# in hadling a screen is more excellent than Java, whichever of the 2: desktops and the web.

I don’t know what this has to do with QNX. QNX has no C#. The Java’s that have been ported to QNX do not have Swing, which is the more modern and probably better way to do GUI work with Java.

But overall the question is meaningless. C# is part of Microsoft’s .NET architecture. It’s a language with support for the Microsoft GUI only. If you were to compare it to programming in C++ on Windows then you might be of the opinion that the C# screen handling is better. I would hope so given the order they were developed.

I don’t know enough about it to compare it to Java/Swing. I’ve used Swing and while it has some nice features, it strikes me as peculiar as it is really part of a virtual machine, not a real one. How it integrates depends on the implementation, although it’s supposed to integrate better than the original Java GUI interface.

The closest to a meaningful comparison might be C or C++/Photon and C++/Windows GUI. But then again, they are still not the same animal. In QNX Photon is just a layer on top of the OS. In Windows, you don’t really have the OS without the GUI.

These posts have a way of finding themselves into Google searches but I still fearlessly am willing to give my opinion on this last fact. Microsoft has long ago mistaken what an OS is and isn’t. One result has been that their product(s) are ridden with obscure hard to repeat bugs. I could list here a few unbelievable behaviors my Win7 system has acquired but I’ll save you the pain. Myself I want an OS to be a tool that is as transparent as possible in providing me control over my computer. MS on the other hand seems to consider the OS a delivery tool in which the software does what it wants, and not what I want.

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