Storyboard support for 6.5 AGTDK and OpenGL ES

Crank’s Storyboard Suite has released an update for QNX 6.5 support that include OpenGL ES 2.0 to provide a drag an drop UI development environment with OpenGL ES performance.

Information of Storyboard and a 30 evaluation can be found here : … _suite.php

How to get the 6.5 update and setting up OpenGL ES setup can be found here :


How better and different are you from Qt?

Good question. I don’t know Storyboard, but if it has OpenGL ES, it surely is fast. AFAIK, currently Qt on QNX does not yet use hardware acceleration, it software-renders to a framebuffer.

Storyboard’s biggest advantage is that it is easy to use and reduces your time to market.

Storyboard was designed to be used by either an embedded engineer or a UI designer hiding much of complexity of working with graphics on embedded systems. Most embedded UI tools/frameworks require their users to have a strong coding background and deep knowledge of the system details in order to achieve good performance.

Storyboard allows the UI designers and graphic artists to stay in control of the UI all the way from prototype to deployment and keep the UI details separate from the system implementation details.

A quick list of key Storyboard features include :

  • Import content directly from Photoshop
  • Animation editor
  • Scripting engine and debugger
  • Team collaboration hooks to enable graphical compares and merges between versions
  • Event driven (0% CPU usage when doing nothing)
  • Performance logging and cache limits and controls
  • Desktop simulator (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Hardware accelerated on target (OpenGL ES, OpenVG, AGTDK)
  • Automated testing hooks for capture, playback and screen dump
  • Tool exports a data model (no compiling)
  • Plugin architecture allows for end users to extend functionality
  • Native message API to communicate back and forth with other system tasks

You can check out a bunch of videos show the tool in action here

And also a full featured 30 day evaluation is available on our website.