i.MX25 PDK/GPS driver for QNX


      I am planning to work on i.MX25 PDK. This development board has

support for GPS connector,OV 2640 camera, smart card etc. But the BSP
that I downloaded from QNX BSP directory doesn’t contain drivers for
these modules. Can I get source code for these drivers? If not what are
the tools and documents available for developing driver programs?

Thank you,

I can’t say anything about whether the devices have existing drivers or not. If you can get source from another OS, you can try porting. Generally speaking a Linux or Unix driver is the best starting place.

In general, drivers for QNX are programs which are resource managers. The resource manager support library is really nice but takes a little getting used to. There are a few sources for drivers around that can be used as templates, for example the parallel port driver. The QNX documentation on this subject is not bad, but you have to read it carefully. I would recommend getting the paper version. There is also an independent book that has good material:

Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2 – A Guide for Realtime Programmers