Qt on PowerPC


I’d like to compile Qt for a PowerPC target running Neutrino 6.5.
I don’t know how to do this.
Can someone help me ?


I’m not sure anyone in the community knows the answer. AFAIK the support for Qt on QNX is now provided through Digia, maybe there you can get some advice.

However, Qt does not include graphics drivers. So you’d need a QNX “io-display” based graphics driver for your PPC-based board. If you don’t have one there is no point in compiling Qt.

It seems that QNX support is included in Qt 4.8. We found on Qt web site a page dedicated to QNX. We are trying to follow the instructions given on this page.

I know we need a graphics driver. I’m working on it. Reading Qt documentation, it seems to be possible to run Qt with an embedded vnc server on top of a virtual screen.

Can you share the link to that page?


Half a year has passed, and I am curious: Are you running Qt on PowerPC today?

Unfortunately I didn’t had much time to work on it.
So, I decided to use Photon as a GUI.

But Photon will be deprecated with the next QNX release, as announced in SP1 Release Notes. Of course, Photon will continue to work, but…

Yes, I know. But :

  • I quickly needed a GUI for my application. I did not had time to work on Qt.
  • Photon is well documented and supported by QNX support.
  • I have 3 different screens. I don’t know if this is supported by Qt.

3 different screens - which graphics hardware and QNX driver are you using for that? Has each screen an individual content?

I use custom hardware.
One screen is a 1920x1080 HD output.
One screen is a 320x240 RGB LCD panel.
One screen is a 128x32 monochromatic LCD panel.

As you can imagine, each screen has its own content.

Impressive. Did you write the devg graphics driver?

Yes, Iwrote the devg graphics drivers.
I used the flat driver as a template. To simplify, all 3 drivers are 32bpp (ARGB) from application point of view. The flushrect() function is written to send the correct data to the hardware.

Good to know this is a viable solution. From QNX I understand that they will not support any graphics on Power architecture in future any more.

I guess this is because PowerPC are less and less used in customer market.
But this can be problematic. In my case, PowerPC was not a choice, I had no other solution for my application.