System Information Utility

i have been trying to load a driver using the System Information utility in qnx (6.3.0).
I did the following:

File → Open (navigated to /sbin folder)
and did a load of devc-pty.
This will not load the devc-pty and i get a message on the lower bottom of the window:

“unable to access node /proc”

Does anyone know why this is happening?
Also, if i the load through System Process Inspector works, how can i pass arguments to the load, for example as below:

devc-pty -n 32

this question is related to one of my other posts on this forum, and this question has been posted, because i am looking at alternative methods to load the devc-pty, since i no longer can open a terminal window.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you using the System Information Perspective of Momentics, and in there the Target Filesystem View?

I haven’t worked with 6.3 for many years (I think it’s over 5 years old) but in 6.5 I would use the Target Filesystem View, right-click on the executable and click “Run”. Did you mean this when you say you “did a load”?

After clicking “Run” the IDE asks for “application parameters” where you can add command line arguments.

i have attached two screen dumps of what i meant in my previous post.

The program you are using, “System Process Inspector” is just that, an “inspector”. That is not how you “load” devc-pty. While devc-pty is a driver, it is a program/process. You can start it from a command line. However since you have Photon running, it seems like it must already be running.

So the question becomes why do you think you need to load/start devc-pty?

i have a topic in the forum :

“re-run devc-pty”

where the issue is that, devc-pty is consuming CPU. I slay the process. After slaying, the CPU drops, but i cannot open any terminal window, or telnet to that machine.
This the reason why i want to run devc-pty, but since i cannot open a terminal window or telnet, is becoming challenging to think of ways to run a process.