QNX 2.2 and RealFLEX 1.22 :-)

Since 1995, operate a system of Intel 386DX-33/RAM 8Mb/HDD 300Mb QNX 2.2 release 8, RealFLEX 1.22. About 2 years ago, the system has become hang when viewing reports (trends).
How can I upgrade to a system and really start the QNX 4.25.
I think it is necessary to increase the amount of memory and hard disk.
At Intel D865GLC, D915GAG, 440BX QNX boots
with the output lines at startup
. / altboot…D
and further zagrueka happens.
Here, in our reading that QNX 4.25 supports up to ICH5,
At 486DX100 not loaded.
The problem stems from the hard drive? with the video card? from the hard disk controller?

Dmitry from Russia

There is no point to upgrade from QNX 2 to QNX 4. You would upgrade to QNX 6 instead.

The differences between QNX 2 and QNX 6 are very great. Unless you want to port the system and it uses message passing extensively, or you need real time features, you would be just as well off porting to Linux. I don’t recall what RealFLEX does. I doubt there is an existing compatible product.

RealFlex is a supervisory control system, and their web site is realflex.com. You should contact them for updating your system to Qnx6.5.