V4.25 copying files between Nodes

I am new to this virtual environment—I am using VMware VSphere 5.0 and setup four QNX guest NODES using drivers Net.e1000 and when I try to copy files between that are 2K or bigger it fails and gives me a error message “Interrupted function call” and then the file does not get transferred. Also an issue with trying to use DITTO to another NODE—error message saying “rem_reply: sender in wrong state”. Can somebody assist me on this as these both issues might be related.

I don’t know what VMware VSphere 5.0 is. I use the free VmWare player. I have no trouble copy files of any size between two VmWare QNX 4.25 systems, or between a VmWare system and a real system. Setting things up can be tricky but once setup there should be no problem.

So I’m not sure what your problem is.

VMware Vsphere 5.0 is the newest virtual environment platform----------I have a server Dell PowerEdge R810 running Windows server 2008 with the Hypervisor (ESXi) built in----I use vSphere Client 5.0.0 to connect to the VMware vCenter Server 5.0.0 and that is where I create all my guest QNX systems, when I create the guest systems I use the Net.e1000 adaptor for my network. The install goes good but issue I have is FTP or copying files between QNX 4.25 systems that I created (anything more then the 2K). I can transfer files between a guest QNX system and a guest Windows systems no problems and that does not care of the size I send.

So Any thoughts on what I can look at to resolve my issue??

I had the same problem using VMWare ESXi 5. I was able to solve that by setting the adaptor type of my QNX4 guest to “flexible” and by using the Net.ether2100 driver.