how to play divx,xvid,rm,rmvb and wmv files?

is there any player or plugin for this?
thanks a lot.

mplayer can do a lot, but not all AVIs I’ve tried, some older Quicktime formats, and pretty much any MPEG you can throw at it.



thanks for your help.
but when i try to play a avi file in media player,it told my “can’t find plugin”.Then where can i get the plugin?

I don’t have a file called that on my machine, so not sure why your’s requires it, I’m using the X11 one though, not the Photon one (which did not really work on my machine). You could do a search on your hard disk, see if there is a file called, or or something like that, if you do, make sure the directory which it is in is included in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Is it just AVIs you can’t play? If you cannot play any film, then maybe the installation failed somewhere along the line. If you installed from the TAR file, try installing again, with verbose mode on (-xv) if from QPR, click ‘View Log’ after you install it, see if any errors are mentioned, about



it’s very kind of you.
evrything is ok now except rm and rmvb file(i’m using the Photon one).

you’re using X11 applications?i installed some X11 applications such as xchat .But when i try to start it,it told me “can’t connect to 127.0.1”.did it mean i have to install XFree86 and start it before i start a X11 application?

Just the XPhoton server. There is a package on the 3rd party cd for it.

The X11 version of mplayer will be far from optimal. We should really do a newer SDL build and get the binary hosted on one of the off-shore mplayer archive sites.