Flash dump bin

I really hope any of you can help me.
I have a flash dump bin I need to get content of. I suppose it is FFS. I know it can be “unpacked” and result is list of file (.ifs and .fsc amon them), but I have no clue where to start.
Any hint will be highly appreciated.


Take a look at dumpifs (qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3. … mpifs.html). It might allow you to extract some files depending on how the ifs image was made.

I wish it were that simple :slight_smile:
dumpifs says it cannot find startup header…

what i have managed to do since my first post is:

  1. Get file pointer with devf-ram -s0,128m
  2. Format it with flashctl -p /dev/fs0p0 -e -f
    Right now Im trying to copy bin file content to fs0p0 using dd and trying out different skip for input file.
    Im stuck with:
  • where the actual file system starts? at what offset? i can clearly see some some sections padded with FF, but I have no idea where the part that im interested in (actual files) start…
  • is it ff2, ffs3 or maybe etfs?
  • what offset should I use (where to start) writing it to fs0p0? first two blocks (512) look like that
    should I start writing at 3rd block?
  • is it going to work at all?