QNX 286

Hello all,

Does anyone have a QNX system running on 286 class machine or is able to compile C code for 286 based QNX?

I’m looking to get a tiny C application compiled to a runable binary.

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If you still need this done, I can probably help.

Many thanks for replying. Yes I do. I will PM you the details.


Would that be QNX 2 or QNX 4? Both ran on 286 class machines.

Hi Mitch (we were vaguely acquainted 20 or so years ago).

Really? I thought QNX4 was strictly 32 bit (x386 and better)

I probably didn’t know you by “LighteningRose” :slight_smile:.

QNX 4 started 16 bit, ran on a 286 and migrated to 32 bit on 386 or better processors.
In particular, you might remember there were alternative programs Dev.16 and Dev.32. Dev.16 could run with either the 16 bit or the 32 bit kernel, but Dev.32 only ran with with 32. In some cases, a driver was never ported to 32 bit so both Dev.16 and Dev.32 ran side by side.

There was a very short scuffle when QNX 4 first came out because it only ran in protected mode. This left some old 8088 machines out to pasteur. That might not seem like a big thing today, but my first IBM PC cost about $3000 in 1984 dollars. When souped up with a hard drive and 512K of memory, I might have had $5K invested in it. Thank more like 10K in today’s dollars.

The best would be both QNX 2 and QNX 4 but any of them will suffice.

Does anyone have access to a working system or installation media?

I will happily pay consultancy fee for any time effort put in to this. :slight_smile:


I can compile for either QNX 2 or QNX 4, but it really doesn’t make sense for you to be asking for either. QNX 2 and QNX 4 are not executable compatible. They are barely source code compatible.
A program compiled for QNX 2 will only run on QNX 2 and a program compiled for QNX 4 will only run on QNX 4. So what is it you want to run on?

Understood, thanks. So I would like both if possible.

A long time ago I have written a tiny C application that, I have compiled for over 175 different operating systems and platforms. I’ve done so for QNX 4 and 6 on Intel and other CPUs but I’m still looking to get a version for 286. Best for both QNX 2 and 4 if it has 286 version. But any addition to the collection will suffice.

Here is the application:


As for source code it depends on what kind of C compiler there is on QNX 2. There are 3 different versions of aclock:

ANSI C for Curses:

K&R dialect for Curses:

ANSI C for Termcap instead of Curses:

I will help in any way I can and/or willing to pay time and material costs.

You can also email me on tenox@tenox.tc it may be easier than PM on the forum.


It make take a day or so, but I will try. When you say 286 for QNX 4, well there is such a thing. QNX 4 supported both 16 and 32 bit models. I haven’t tried compiling for QNX 4 in over 20 years, But I’ll see. It might require going back to a pre 10.? Watcom version, which I don’t know if I can do.

QNX 2 is probably more important to me anyway - if you have it of course.

Thanks a lot!