Is there a better web browser for QNX 6.5.0?

Is there a better web browser for QNX 6.5.0?

I can’t read my mail at:

and I cannot login to facebook.

I downloaded trial version of QNX 6.5.0.
And it has got Bon Echo (firefox) browser.

I had to make another computer to run CProxy on WindowsXP,
because QNX couldn’t reqognize my VLAN which I use for the internet.
(Many linuxes doesn’t UBUNTU does)

I have read about Voyager. Would it be the answer? Where could I download that.

I don’t think Voyager is the answer, it was depreciated in QNX 6.4 and I don’t think it even exists in 6.5. I also don’t know which version of Firefox/Bon Echo the trial version of QNX 6.5 ships with but you can try the version that Crank Software ported here: to see if it’s at least a newer version.

Having said all this, QNX does have a Web Browser project in Foundry27 ( and they must have done some work on browsers for the PlayBook but I have had no luck finding it and am not ambitious enough to play around with WebKit.


I tested those programs, only one was browser. One looked like MS outlook. One was a calendar. But they can’t go to facebook.

I looked at CProxy too and I think it was CCProxy which was question here? … ox-7.0.tgz

You’ll need to set up X from the same location. YMMV.


Is there even an xphoton or rootless X for 6.5?

Yea, this is a big hole in QNX. There’s rumor that the work on the playbook’s browser will appear in a 6.5.1 or a 6.6, but no date that I know of. I rather suspect it will not be running under Photon either.

I think there is a webkit-based browser shipped with 6.5, that works directly with GF (io-display). QNX doesn’t seem to seriously support desktop use of their OS for many years, I don’t understand why people are still trying.

On Playbook, it’s QNX but with a completely new graphics framework, which surely will be available outside the Blackberry space aswell.

It’s not just about providing a desktop like Windows. As an example, I have a customer who’s embedded system is using HTML as the help. We are hampered by the lack of an up to date browser.

You can compile/build a Qt browser for QNX. Qt’s QWebView class incorporates recent webkit code. I have seen quite a few example browsers using QWebView - you really just need to add the back, reload, URL bar, etc.