Changing the colour of the box on a combobox

I’m being lazy and using a combobox for a screen where the title indicates what you are viewing out of a selection of six different sets of data (I could create the titles on the target database and add them to a textbox but I want to avoid having more than one language database). As such I neither require the drop down selection (as the software does the selection and this can be achieved by reducing the width to zero) or the box outline. Clearing all the entries in the BASIC_FLAGS does not remove the box but then a combo box without an outline might be considered pointless. But I’m trying to change the colour of the box to achieve the same effect and changing the value of the OUTLINE_COLOR argument doesn’t seem to work (but then the box seems to be independant of the other outline settings in BASIC_FLAGS anyway).
So is there another method that will change the colour. It seems odd that you could have a screen where the colour scheme dictates say red outlines for everything but you have to have white for comboboxes.

If I understand the question properly you’re trying to remove the outline either by removing it or setting it to the same colour as the background?

If so, I’m surprised that clearing the BASIC_FLAGS doesn’t remove the outline as it should but you can also try clearing the Pt_HIGHLIGHTED flag in Pt_ARG_FLAGS. It’s not obvious from the documentation but that seems to do the trick for me.


Thanks but all the flags are 0 aside from combo box set to static to prevent drop down, list flags set to vscroll never and cursor type to inherit. The basic flags don’t seem to affect the box or the drop down box and highlight and autohighlight have no effect either. I’ll kust leave it with the box as fortunately I’m not outlining things in anything aside from white.
Hmm seems that if I set the color:fill to the surrounding colour rather than transparent then the whit box disappears but it still appears subtly different possibly due to a graduated shading effect