Where can I get a binary package of mplayer?

The subject really says it all :slight_smile: I tried to compile mplayer from source, but it was very unhappy with me, so I was hoping to download a binary for it. Or VLC. Or both :slight_smile:



I understand there is a native Photon one, which is not this one. But If you don’t mind installing all the X stuff on the QNX repository, this works fine, but a bit slow (on my 1.8GHz P4 laptop) on some AVIs.



Thanks for the URL. Unfortunately, it doesn’t want to run on my system. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using the X stuff that came with 6.2.1 (and it says only 6.2.0) will work, but I keep getting unresolved symbols pertains to glx stuff.

Does anyone have a URL for the native Photon mplayer?

ftp://ftp.qnx.org.ru/pub/projects/dmi/m … e10.tar.gz

this one is compiled under qnx and added to archive. can’t tell you(i’m to lame) about adding that kind of stuff to system. i just moved /usr from archive to /usr. after i added font to mplayer configs directory: /.mplayer
download font from playerhq.hu. choose traditinional font

start: %mplayer -vo sdl -ao sdl file.avi

Well, that’s better, sort of :slight_smile: I can now watch my mpeg videos, but it only works in fullscreen. If I hit the ‘f’ key to drop it to a window, it displays the video in (I guess) a 320x240 window, but the rest of the display is black.

Anyway to watch video in a window?