boot image progblem

a problem for boot image:
I have downloaded a x86-bios(BSP) from
I found a x86_apic.ifs in /image directory.
I formated a usb flash disk, like this:

  1. fdisk /dev/hd10 delete -a
  2. fdisk /dev/hd10 add -b -t 179
  3. mount - e /dev/hd10
  4. mkqnx6fs /dev/hd10t179

then I copy the x86_apic.ifs to the usb flash disk(under /.boot directory).
I boot up a x86PC by the usb flash disk, but the PC always displays “boot from usb device QNX 1.2b boot loader” and stops!
please help me ,thank you very much! :frowning:


That would suggest that the ifs file that is there by default is not right for your hardware.

There should also be a /build directory. In there are build scripts that specify what is in the ifs file. Something in there is missing for your hardware or more likely incorrect (wrong driver) for your hardware.

It’s a trial and error thing. But if you add a few more display messages between each line in the script you can figure out exactly where it stops. You use the command ‘mkifs’ to turn the script into a new .ifs image.


I don’t believe its normally recommended to run the QNX6 filesystem on a USB device. See the “Required properties of the device” section of the driver page. Not sure that would cause your booting issue but its something to be aware of.

It might be interesting to see if you can boot your hardware using the qnx 4 filesystem (79) and the dinit utility.

Is there a reason you need to use the power safe functionality of the qnx6 filesystem? If so you might want to consider the Embedded Transactional File System (ETFS) that QNX created for use in embedded systems.