ps -ef | grep io-audio


Here is the issue that i’m facing

when i execute “ps -ef” i’m able to get the list of running processes.

next when i try to execute
“ps -ef | grep io-audio” it gets hanged.

if i kill it pressing ctrl+c and then execute it. It works fine.
(Note: io-audio was listed “ps -ef” cmd was executed)

Can some one help me with this? (It happens for every first time after booting)


Maybe ps -ef sends data to stderr so grep is waiting for ever for data on stdout, or it’s not terminated by a \n

Try: “pidin | grep io-audio instead”

Most people use pidin instead of ps.

will try as you suggested mario.

is it a common issue which everyone face while using “ps”. how is it? that it wont happen with “pidin”

No idea I’ve never use ps ;-)

OK, Can anyone provide more inputs on this regard?

I run “ps -ef | grep io-audio” on a QNX 6.3.2 system (it’s what I have access to right now) and it works fine.
I can try it on a QNX 6.5 system later if you ask. I suspect some local problem on your system.