create an dynamic table like the following:
First,when the rows have reached the MAXNUMBER that one page can show ,a scoll bar appears automaticlly if you want to create a row.
Second,the content of each grid can be altered .

I am very eager for your help ,thank you!

If you’re looking for a ‘spreadsheet’ style view I believe that on Photon, there is no widget to do this for you, so you have a few options. You could use many PtTree lists, one for each column you need, like the Photon file manager, or use simple text widgets for each cell, in a container widget. Alternatively, you could use QT or GTK, both of which have this style of view, but with QT, you’d be using C++ or Python and not C. I’ve pretty confident that Java/SWT has this as part of the standard toolkit too.