Problem Porting fromTcpIP 4.25 to 5.10

Can anyone advise me how to fix this issue?

I’m attempting to move a legacy project from tcp 4.25 to the latest 5.10.
The headers have changed slightly but apart from that the socket3r.lib is available with
the new tcprt5.0 installed linked to /usr/lib /usr/watcom/10.6/usr/lib.

The watcom compiler fails to pick up the socket_, setsocketopt_, htons_, bind_ etc.
The previously working build has no explicit socket parameter and it appears the
the library path was sufficient to satisfy the linker.

Am I correct in saying that tcptk50.tar.F matches the runtime from the latest install

Thanks in advance for any clues.


To answer my own question, incase anyone else wants to know.

The link failed as watcom was unable to select the library automatically.

Looking at socket.h from the older 4.25 installation and the new one shows this pragma block…

#if defined __SW_3R

pragma library (socket3r)

elif defined __SW_3S

pragma library (socket3s)

#elif defined SMALL

pragma library (sockets)

#elif defined COMPACT

pragma library (socketc)

#elif defined MEDIUM

pragma library (socketm)

#elif defined LARGE

pragma library (socketl)


Adding this back to the later socket.h cured my link issue.

Perhaps there is a better solution, but it works.