Problem object qwslib32

I´ve received this message when I start QNX Windows:
“Could not link shared object qwslib32”.
So, I open a new console,do login with user root, write windows an
it run ok.
What it means?

Let me guess. By “I’ve received this messages when I start QNX Windows”, you mean you are booting a QNX system and QNX windows is started in the sysinit file?

If that is the case, it probably means that the environment in the sysinit file is not the same as when you login. Specifically the library path variable may not be set right.

But I’m just guessing. QNX Windows, wow, someone is still using it. :slight_smile:.

You are right and I need to use QNX Windows yet :slight_smile: . We have a control system designed in C language that use this system. But, I was using QNX 4.25 product suite 2009 and since I installed Qnx 4.25 product suit 2011 on new machine I have been received this message.

Add qwslib32 somewhere in your sysinit or anywhere before qwindows is started