Newbie question about process and files

Hi to all,
I am completly new to QNX and I have probably a stupid question but here it goes.
I have a device that runs qnx (v6.3.2 I think) and it boots from a flash.
I can telnet to device and I can run some basic commands.
It seems that this device runs procnto and then it loads a startup script located in /etc/.
I can execute “pidin a” and list running process with full path to executables but when I search for those executables in filesystem they are not there and I can not find them anywhere !!!
Could be that that these executables are loaded from flash to RAM and flash is not mounted as part of filesystem !?
I just want to know why I can’t have access to those executables.
Thanks for any help.

The boot file can contain executables. These would appear in a “pidin” search but would not be found on the file system. However you should be able to find them under /proc/boot.

Maschoen, thank you for your reply…
Files could be under /proc/boot but they must have a different name because with original name I can’t find them.
Still in pidin they are reported as /usr/project/
I will take a better look.

One more thought on this. If a program starts another program using spawn, it gets to set the value of argv0 which I believe is the name that pidin will show. This can be deceptive, since argv0 doesn’t have to be the same as the name of the program that is loaded.

I think it’s also possible for a program to be in /boot/proc and the get deleted after it started. Not that in the boot file it’s possible to “map” a file in a directory, hence /usr/xxx/abc may appear to be in /usr/xxx but be stored in /boot/proc. Another possibillity is a system that copies files during the boot process and then remove them after the startup is completed. Lots of possibilities ;-)