Clean QNX shutdown on vmware?

I want to run QNX 6.3 as a guest OS on VMware. The host OS is Windows NT.
Will the QNX OS be gracefully shutdown when the host is shutdown?
If not, can you provide me some guideline?
Thanks for any help.

Your question is about the interaction between Windows NT and VMWare.

The question is whether a shutdown of NT will first cause a clean shutdown of VMWare. This does not cause the QNX VM to shut down, but rather it saves the state. I believe the answer is Yes, if you cleanly shut down NT. Of course if you just turn off the power, this will not happen.

If you want QNX to shut down, you must either manually tell QNX to shut down in the VM, or tell VMWare to force a shutdown. As far as I know, that is the behavior of VMWare.

The only problem you might run into in saving the QNX VM and not shutting it down, is that when you start it up again, the clock will be off. There are ways to manage this however.

Thanks Maschoen,

Actually, I don’t want any manual interaction on QNX or VMWare. When I shut down the Windows NT PC, I want the VM and the QNX guest OS to be properly shut down.
If the guest Os is Linux or Windows, the VMWare tools are available. These tools provide the capability to gracefully shutdown the guest OS upon host OS shutdown.
Are these tools available for QNX 6.3?
Other solutions?


No. Not as far as I can tell.