testing timimg intervel of timers


I have created two process with two different timers one running at 10ms and other at 50ms, application is working fine but i want to show the client the timing difference between two process. Suggest me a method where i can show the timing difference of both the timers.


For QNX6, the IDE’s System Profiler is perfect for examining the timing. You can look at the interaction of both your processes in the same trace. Requires that you start an “instrumented” version of the kernel.

Please suggest me how to start kernel instrumented mode

Please suggest me how to start kernel instrumented mode
Replace the kernel you are using with corresponding kernel with “-instr” at the end of the name. These are found in x86/boot/sys.
From the IDE, select the “system profiler” perspective.
Create a “target” for your system, indicating the IP address of your target … must be running “qconn” and your app.
Right-click on the target you created and select “Log with…” from the popup menu - Kernel Event Trace.
Data will be collected for 3 seconds and placed in a .kev file.
Open that file in the IDE and you will see six “views” of your system… select Timeline.
You can “zoom in” on tens of milliseconds and examine the timing.
Hover over “events” (vertical hashes) to see details.
Click on an event to see the complete log at that point in time.
See threads by clicking the + next to each process name.