qnx 4.25 on virtual pc

I install qnx on virtual server 2005 r2 with sp1

  1. when i run nettrap start the message >> send( ) : register with Net manager failed
  2. i can ping to my computer but not contect to other computer

It sounds like nettrap is not starting the right driver. Just a guess as there is not much information.
For 2. I’m assuming you can ping your computer from your computer, eg.



the virutal QNX can only ping itself and not the host
any other machine on the same LAN subnet.
I’m using the default driver: Net.tulip -c21140 -I0 -l1 &, which worked fine under Windows XP.

What does Windows XP have to do with it? Did it use to work and now doesn’t work under, say Windows 7? That would suggest that the problem has nothing to do with QNX.

qnx run on windows xp sp3
i can not ping or comuniction to other computer