Can't mount qnx6 file system on Compact Flash

I need to format and mount Compact Flash from CD-ROM.

The boot file on CD-ROM contain mkqnx6fs and mount utility. It also contain,,,,,

There is a fragment of my startup script.

	devb-eide eide nobmstr &
	waitfor /dev/hd0 15
	waitfor /dev/cd0 15
	mount -t cd /dev/cd0 /fs/cd-rom
 	mkqnx6fs -q /dev/hd0t177
 	mount -t qnx6 /dev/hd0t177 /fs/hd0-qnx6

After attempting to mount a /dev/hd0t177 it is a mistake:
Can’t mount /fs/hd0-qnx6 Posible reason: Read-only file system.
I can mount it only as a read-only device(mount -r -t qnx6 /dev/hd0t177 /fs/hd0-qnx6)

There is no such mistake when I format this Compact Flash on a self-hosted system QNX 6.4.1 and mount it. I can mount the device as read/write.

What a problem? How I can mount Compact Flash in read/write mode?


Are you sure that the ‘mkqnx6fs -q /dev/hd0t177’ command succeeded? If it didn’t then you would not be able to mount on the next line.

You can figure out if this is happening by taking the CF card and putting it in your self hosted system and seeing if its correctly formatted and can be mounted without needing the mkqnx6fs command.


The reason was that my Compact Flash doesn’t support synchronizing. It was necessary to start hard disk driver with sync=optional options.

devb-eide eide qnx6 sync=optional

Or you can pass the sync option to the mount command instead of devb-eide.