Catch data through FLEET?

Tell me, please, is there such a tool (like wireshark, dsniff in window) that would catch the transported data (information) through a network of QNX4 FLEET?

Wireshark knows about fleet so you can use that. If you need to do it from QNX4, you first need to enable promiscious mode in the network driver (require a restart). Then you can use netsniff to capture and look at the data. This is VERY VERY basic, all texted based.

There use to be a very nice tool under Photon but it never got released unfortunately, politics.

Mario, thank you for reply! So, how to setup Wireshark to catch data only from fleet, not from tcp-ip(or other one)?

Check Wireshark filters, just keep packet with ethertype of 0x8203