How to get read time, read speed, write time, write speed?

Hi all,

I am using QNX6.5.0. Is there any direct routine with which we can get the time taken by the last read command, its read speed, time taken by the last write command, its write speed etc programmatically using C++? I have routines like difftime() for calculating time difference? Is there any other alternatives?

Honey S

Check out ClockCycles(), it’s very very precise. That being said you still have to do the measurement yourself.

Ok. Thank you Mario. I will check that API.

Honey S

You might want to be aware that while read times have validity, write times usually do not.
When you do a write in QNX 4 you are just copying the data to the file system cache. The file system
writes the data from the cache to disk asynchronously. You could probably first fill up the cache to get an idea on the actual transfer speed if you are interested in the overall write throughput.