Regarding slogger

Hi all,

I want to know more about the slogger utility. I have just gone through some of its APIs.
In our C++ application, we need to log some custom log messages as well as error messages and we need to show those messages in a GUI.
In my understanding, slogger logs may contain application logs as well as other driver logs too. So I think I need to customize the slogger utility and use it for my application.
If so, is the slogger source code available for customization? Is there any licensing issues for accessing source code? I am using QNX 6.5.0.

Honey S

In theory, source code for things like slogger are available if you give QNX a good reason to give it to you. For a while they were going in an open source direction. I’ve been told that changed when RIM took over. A lot of stuff was released, but then retracted. It is possible that a version of slogger is floating around somewhere. As I mentioned, I heard that it was possible to plead your case to QNX to get such things. I’ve never heard the results of anyone trying. I imagine that having a support contract and/or being a big customer would help.

As a practical matter however, creating a logger under QNX is not very difficult. There’s a great advantage to doing your own. You can make it work exactly the way you want it to.