QNX4.25 in VMWare Touch Screen Calibration

I am running a QNX4.25 Virtual Machine created with VMWare Workstation 7 hosted by a Windows XP SP3 OS. It seems to be running fine as far as I can see in all aspects except the touch screen monitor that we are trying to set up.

Outside of the Virtual Machine (in the Windows environment) the touch screen works well with accurate calibration. Within the QNX4.25 virtual machine I am not able to calibrate. The cursor respnse is off, in fact way off, and it drifts, the respnse is different on separate tries. This is observed to be the same whether you are in VM’s full screen mode.

Any help will be appreciated.

This is just a guess, but I think you may have touched on (no pun intended) the problem.
Is it possible that the VM is doing a variable mapping from the virtual screen to the real one?

I would suggest that you take a close look at the mouse pointer callback data. I’m fairly sure that there is extra data you can get including the hardware location. You might find that this is not consistent. If that is the case, the problem lies in the VM, not QNX.

Thanks for the reply.

I have very limited experience in working with touch screen and need some addtional help here.

You seems to be implying this is an issue no one has seen before in this forum, to your knowledge, and it’s likely to be a problem with VMWare.

QNX4.25 is not an OS officially supported by VMWare, and I have done some search in their community forums and did not find relevent discussions there. I am wondering if you can give me instruction on how to get access to the mouse callback data, or point me to documents on this subject or the subject of variable calibration.

I appreciate your help.


That’s correct.

I’m talking about writing your own Photon program. In the callback routine called when a mouse event occurs, such as a mouse button push, there are three parameters sent. The first is a widget pointer. The other two parameters are pointers. One of these pointers is used to find the X,Y location data.

Of course this will not help with any other program.

I’d like to suggest a different approach. Maybe you shouldn’t be running the QNX touch screen driver at all? Assuming that you are running under Windows, you have a Windows touch screen driver. If this driver provides mouse events, shouldn’t these be passed through VM to QNX as mouse events too?