automounting removable media

Is there a way to automount removable media in 6.2.1?

Everything shows up transparently when the disks are inserted at boot.

Oops. I should have been more specific; I have a CD-RW and a DVD, both of which show up just fine in /fs. I’m curious how I can get my zip and/or floppy to show up too. I’ve looked through /etc but it’s different from what I’m used to, and I didn’t find anything promising.

Any ideas?

as for the floppy :

I put these lines in my rc.local file, and it works fine.

as for the ZIP :
I am sorry, I use it in QNX4 only, like that :

on the other hand it is only a small burden to burn the contents of your zipdrive files to a cd. less cables for the rabbits to cut into two !

regards HELGE

also check out the end this document: … lesys.html
Some computer systems need some time before it founds the floppy. If you don’t wait for a little while then it’ll say mount failed.
Granted, the on -W60… is an overkill waiting for 60 seconds. You may want to reduce it to 15 or something.