Usage of GPL code for our software

Hi all,

In our QNX C application, we have decided to use a GPL code in order to satisfy one of our requirements. It is seen in … tPractices
under section 2.1 that “Under no circumstance should GPL (Linux) code be used. When in doubt talk to the QNX Legal Department.”

Could anyone tell me what all things need to be taken care/done if we decide to use the GPL code in our software?

Honey S

This has been answered on foundry27 but for anyone else reading this:

The rule is for QNX internal rules only. Has nothing to do with the “outside world”. The idea is that anyone using QNX is not to be concerned by GPL because none of QNX product contains GPL code.

Well said. It should be noted that there are circumstances when using GPL code in which you would be required to disclose and make free your own software. This is not true in all cases, but you should be aware of the consequences of using GPL code in your product.

Exactly. Open Source is often misunderstood just as “free”. But the idea of Open Source is everyone is working together. So it is “free” but there is a price to pay: You have to share your work, based on the code you took, with others. That’s the idea of Open Source! Yes, in some cases there are ways around this, but this undermines the whole idea of it.