problem with target system folder in qnx momentics ide4.7

I have creted a target machine on the same developementm machine using vmware.I have created a project.Now when i try to see the file folders of target system in Target File System Navigator view I can only see the folder names as bin , tmp etc but the content.Can anyone please help me with this.Its urgent as per my academic project.
Thanks in advance

Let me see if I understand this.

You have a target system running under VMWare. Using the Eclipse/Momentics IDE you can see /bin and /tmp, but not their contents. Is that right?

There are two possible explanations I can think of.

  1. /bin and /tmp have no contents

  2. The program running on the target that Momentics communicates with is not working properly.

The first you might check for by running a shell on the target and using ls. If the contents are their, then I would suspect 2).

From shell on the VM QNX you can “ls” those directories. Most likely there is no content.