Hello Friends.

Pleas, tell me how use tracelogger in ring mode. I start it via → tracelogger -r

In my code I send events via TraceEvent func ( for instance, TraceEvent(_NTO_TRACE_INSERTSUSEREVENT,22,1,1) ) to the tracelogger and when certain Event have occur I stop recording via TraceEvent(_NTO_TRACE_STOP).

But when I see to tracebuffer.kev file It size is 300 kb and I can’t find my events in this file.

When I start tracelogger via → “tracelogger -c -s30”
all work perfectly. This tracelogger’s mode don’t suit for me. I want that tracelogger work forever.

I forget to say , that I work with Qnx 6.4.1

Look at the doc, I think you need to specify the size of the ring with -S et -M.

Thanks Mario, just at the point))))))))))

No Mario. I’am sorry. I’am hurry.

When I start tracelogger in ring mode → " tracelogger -r -S20M -M " I see that size of the /dev/shmem/tracebuffer.kev file is exactly 20 Mb.

When Ctrl + C or invoke TraceEvent(_NTO_STOP) size of this file decrease to 300Kb as I wrote in first post

Just dug this out from my notes:

tracelogger -r -c -w -k3000 -M -S100M -b3000

Thanks Mario. I will try it.

Thanks, all work properly.