Watcom __PRO,__EPI and program profile


I’m trying to get program call tree for code analys (something like):

In gcc there are great funtions as backtrace,backtrace_symbols,etc.
In windows stackwalk64.
I mentioned both of them for regular systems.

I’ve tried to found something like them in watcom (10.6 QNX4.25), but (for now) got nothing. After reading manual for wcc I get next two options for compilier
-ee - add __EPI to end of each function
-ep - add __PRO to start of each function
It seems that after building app and running it, I will get necessary profile “tree”, but wlink refuse to link object file, printing “undifined symbol __PRO,__EPI”.
In manual for wlink there are no any data about __PRO,__EPI.
So is it possible to use them? Are there any other functions that can help me to get function call depth?