Keyboard not working with QNX on Beagleboard

Hi @all,

I think my QNX started correct on QNX (I can see some rotating gears on the monitor), but there is no reaction if i hit a key on the keyboard.
The terminalprogramm (Putty) told me at the beginning that the usb Port/Hub is initialized (and the LED is also green), so what could be the problem?
The Beagleboard is powered via a 4,5V power plug and if I use the command “usb” in the terminal, then my keyboard is listed there (most of the time with adress 4)

Any idea?



Have you started the USB (io-usb) and HID (io-hid) driver on QNX? You need those 2 drivers running to actually use a USB keyboard. If you are using Photon I believe you also need devi-hid.


Hi Tim,

thanks for the fast reply!
I checked now my buildfile and there isn´t a HID entry. I will now try to add this, thanks.
I will give a reply later if this worked :slight_smile: