Regarding QNX memory analysis tool usage

Hi all,

I am trying to obtain the memory analysis output of our QNX application by launching the
application from command-line with memory analysis enabled and connecting to the remote process by attaching it from IDE. I am experiencing several problems.

  1. After several profiling of the application, the session view is not able to list the current running process id. Instead it displays a list of previously run process ids.
    Session view keeps a record of all previously run instance of the same application during every run.
  2. Even if I have commented a free() statement of a dynamically allocated memory block and tested the scenario, the memory analysis tool is not showing any memory problems.
  3. Memory analysis tool shows abnormal outputs on each run of the same application. Later I found that it is due to the multiple instance run of the momentics IDE connected to same QNX target machine.

To solve all these issues and perform memory analysis of our QNX application, What is the exact procedure? Note that I am running a QNX C application with a GUI (created with phab).

Thanks in advance,