Getting started with an older PC104 (Advantech PCM-3350)

I’m trying to get QNX up and running on an Advantech PCM-3350. I’ve used the QNX system builder, the generic x86 bsp (there is no bsp that I can find specifically for this board), and the f32qldr to make a 64mb compact flash card bootable. I’ve tried following the instructions that come with f32qldr to but the .ifs file on the CF card.

Now, when I boot up the PC104, I see the bios screen, and then the following:

f32qldr Version 1.01
Filename /BOOT.IFS
(a few lines of #'s)
Image read to address 0x00110000
Transfer Control…

Then nothing happens, and then the screen goes blank and nothing else happens. I’m not really sure what could be wrong or what to do. I haven’t found another way to get QNX on this CF card or how to boot from it. All the recommendations seem to be to either install from the CD, which I can’t do as the smallest install I’ve seen is 1600mb, or to install using TFTP which I can’t do since I can’t give it an IP address.

Has anyone experienced this problem?